What is the protective sticker-seal?

Sticker-seal or the warranty seal is a one-time sticker which is put on a special film, vinyl or paper, that is self-destroying when you try to open an object or commodity. Such seals are used to control and protect goods or objects under security. Stickers can be visible or invisible at first glance.

The reaction of the protective seals can be different it can change its colour or be destroyed completely or partially. Holographic Sticker, depending on its type, can be removed from the surface completely or partially. Seals can be glued on any surface - glutinous part of the sticker can be adapted to smooth or relief surfaces.

Depending on the series, tamper evident stickers are distinguished by:

  • the presence of silk-screen printing;

  • colouring;

  • the applied image;

  • time of manufacture;

  • letter or bar-code;

  • serial number.

Where are protective seals used?

Protective stickers are used for labelling such products as the various accessories and components, multimedia, electronics, accurate measuring devices, apparatus and high-tech devices. Tamper Proof Hologram used to protect stores from petty theft to control abiding the rules of warranty service and product inventory.

During the elections, ballot boxes are sealed with tamper resistant labels, to protect against unauthorized opening. Radio stations and cell phones are marked with stickers-seals to identify and monitor them. Such objects as medical first aid kits, fire extinguishers and fire exits are usually sealed. Security holograms are applied to limit at customs controls access to certain things at customs controls.