• Type : PT ( partially transferable)
  • Material : polyester
  • Dimensions, mm : 55х20

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  • Tamper Evident Label PT 55x20

    Tamper evident label is used for the sealing of various objects, where it is impossible to use lead or plastic seals, because of the lack of sealing holes. Once sealed, the label will reveal a clear and visible hidden message when peeled. The label is used for sealing the following facilities:
    • -Electrical, water and gas meters
    • - Offices, storage rooms, tanks, gas-stations
    • - Switchboards, fire equipment
    • - Banks equipment
    • - Plastic, glass, metal containers, evidence boxes

  • Tamper Evident Label PT 55x20

    1. Remove the dust, moisture and oily spots from the surfaces of the sealing object.
    2. Peel out the label from the liner.
    3. Place the label on the surfaces of the object and carefully smooth out it.
    4. Time of sticking to surface – 5 min

    View of installed label:

    View of tampered label: