• Manufacturer : 'Algiz', Ltd
  • Type : Rotary, Toolless
  • Sealing wire diameter : 0,52 - 1,15 mm
  • Material : polycarbonate
  • Dimensions, mm : 28×29×12
  • Packing, pcs : 100, 1000, 5000

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  • Indicative seal “Master”

    1. Two-component polycarbonate seal (seal body and insert).
    2. Ultrasonic technology is used to fix the insert in the seal body..
    3. Designed to single use.
    4. Sealing wire rotates around the insert.
    5. Transparent body of the seal allows visual control of the locking mechanism, integrity of the sealing wire and provides clear indication of tampering
    6. Laser engraving is used for the company logo and sequential number marking.
    7. Sequential number etched on the seal body and insert. Barcode and QR code – on customers request.
    8. Additional sequential number engraved on the removable plastic “flipper”. This option will helps to register the seals being installed.
    9. Easy to use. Insert the wire through the sealing holes. Tighten the sealing wire rotating the insert.
    10. Removal: Use the side-cutting pliers.

  • установка пломбы

  • Seal Type: Rotary, Toolless
    Sealing wire, dia. mm: 0,52- 1,15
    Material: Seal body – polycarbonate
    Dimensions after installed, mm: 28x29x12
    Sequential numbers: 8-digits
    Logo: Letters and graphic
    Method of marking: Laser engraving
    Operating temperature, t ̊ С: -50 ̊ С +120 ̊ С
    Standard colours
    Rotary insert: Seal body:
    Orange Fluorescent (glowing effect in UV-light) Toned, transparent
    Yellow Fluorescent (glowing effect in UV-light) Toned, transparent
    Red Fluorescent (glowing effect in UV-light) Toned, transparent
    Green Toned, transparent
    Blue Toned, transparent
    Amber Toned, transparent
    Packing type: Quantity, pcs: Weight (brutto), kg: Dimensions, mm: Volume, m3/carton
    Polyethylene zip lock pocket 100 0,3 150х200
    Inner carton: 1000 3,2 260х260х140 0,00946
    Outer carton: 5000 16,5 760х275х266 0,0556